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 KERKO 100N - Keramik-Kondensator 100N

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Keramischer Miniatur-Scheibenkondensator EGPU haben kleine Kapazitätstoleranzen und eine hohe Resonanzfrequenz.Sie finden Anwendung in Audio- und Video-Elektronik, Nachrichtentechnik, KFZ-Elektronik, Datentechnik, Mess- und Regeltechnik, Medizin-Elektronik u.v.m.Kapazität: 100 nFRastermaß: 2,5 - 5 mmNennspannung: 63 VDC

 Successfully Choosing Your EMR

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The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) - is the essential underpinningof any significant healthcare reform and is the more comprehensiverecord than the Electronic Health Record (EHR). This book clarifiesthe Crucial Decisions that result in successful EMR adoption andavoidance of expensive EMR mistakes. It provides timely insight inleveraging ARRA/HiTech, Meaningful Use, Stark Safe Harbor, CPOE andPQRI incentives and understanding current HITSP, HL7, ASTM, ELINCSand other interoperability standards. This book provides practical guidance on: * Evaluating EMR ease-of-use * Determining In-office vs. Web-based vs. Blended EMRdeployment * Deciding which user-interface approach to adopt * Understanding structured vs. unstructured chartingapproaches * Assessing EMR developer stability * Obtaining legal advice about RFIs, RFPs and contractnegotiations ´´The federal government has set aside significant incentives forphysicians to adopt and implement electronic medical recordsystems. As providers across the country seek out various health ITtools and capabilities, this book serves as a remarkably useful,step-by-step guide for successfully deploying an EMR system. Thiskind of information will be imperative as we bring our healthsystem into the 21st century.´´ --Newt Gingrich, Founder of The Center for HealthTransformation, Former Speaker of the House, USA Also endorsed by: Rep. Rush Holt (D NJ), Richard Dick, Ph.D.& Radu Kramer, M.D.

 Body Sensors and Electrocardiography

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This monograph presents a comprehensive overview of the electrocardiography from the aspect of wireless and mobile monitoring and its potential for personalized health management. The topical focus is on the implementation and efficient application of user friendly m-Health systems. The target audience comprises biomedical engineers, medical doctors, students, industrial experts and health managers developing m-Health solutions.

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