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 Multifunctional Land Use

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Global change, land use policies and EU enlargement affect the driving forces for landscape functioning, land use management and rural development. New demands on landscapes and natural resources call for multifunctional approaches to land development. Tools are required to (i) identify the effects of land management on landscape sustainability and (ii) support the decision-making process on the multipurpose utilisation of landscape resources. Scientists from across Europe installed the Landscape Tomorrow network to be prepared for new challenges of research on sustainable land development in a European perspective. In this publication they (i) analyse general principles of land use multifunctionality, (ii) highlight the specific requirements and approaches of implementing multifunctional land use from different disciplinary viewpoints, (iii) report on success stories of multifunctional land use from different geographic and political settings, and (iv) discuss modelling and monitoring approaches to scientifically assess the impact of mutlifunctional land use implementation. The book contributes to the scientific basis for future land development strategies and helps supporting land use decision making on the political, planning and management level.

 Pattern-Based Compression of Multi-Band Image Data for Landscape Analysis

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We offer here a non-conventional approach to muhivariate ima- structured data for which the basis is well tested but the analytical ramifi­ cations are still unfolding. Although we do not formally pursue them, there are several parallels with the nature of neural networks. We employ a systematic set of statistical heuristics for modeling multivariate image data in a quasi-perceptual manner. When the human eye perceives a scene, the elements of the scene are segregated heuristically into compo­ nents according to similarity and dissimilarity, and then the relationships among the components are interpreted. Similarly, we segregate or seg­ ment the scene into hierarchically organized components that are subject to subsequent statistical analysis in many modes for interpretive purposes. We refer to the segregated scene segments as patterns, since they provide a basis for perception of pattern. Since they are also hierarchically organ­ ized, we refer to them further as polypatterns. This leads us to our acro­ nym of Progressively Segmented Image Modeling As Poly-Patterns (PSIMAPP). Likewise, we formalize our approach in terms of pattern processes and segmentation sequences. In alignment with the terminology of image analysis, we refer to our multivariate measures as being signal bands.

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